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Discovery Mekong Delta with Mystic Sampan

Travel to Can Tho
Breakfast cruise to Cái Răng floating market 07: 00 - 10: 00 
from $80
Lunch cruise 12: 00 - 14: 00
Sunset cruise 15: 30 - 18: 00

Breakfast cruise to Cái Răng floating market 07:00 - 10:00

Breakfast is available as soon as the sampan departs at 07:00 from the Can Tho old market. It blends some vietnamese tasty dishes like banh bao, banh cuon and the Western menu with home-baked breads, chocolate breads, croissants, croque-monsieurs, ham, cheese, sausages, crepes, and grilled tomatoes. For drinks, we offer hot tea, milk, coffee, juices, mineral water and fruits for the dessert.

During breakfast, you can enjoy the scenery of local daily life on the banks comfortably, thanks to the broad view and the spacious accommodation on the Mystic sampan.

After the breakfast, the Mystic sampan cruises into the heart of Cai Rang floating market. There you will see a maze of boats loaded with fruits, vegetables or groceries for trading. You may also join the market by calling for fruits or a drink.
Leaving the floating market, the Mystic sampan takes you to a husking factory where you have a chance to discover how rough rice is made into white rice in Vietnam. Or we may pay a visit to a local ochard instead for fresh fruits. Then the Mystic cruises back to Can Tho city to arrive at the old market before 10:00.

Lunch cruise 12:00 - 14:00

We are happy to accommodate parties for a lunch on board, on a round trip to greener areas. Please contact us to establish the detailed program and menu for lunch promenades: we can prepare Generic Vietnamese, specialities and even continental lunches.

The meal is prepared at the premises of the Sao Hôm restaurant, just at the boarding point, and makes the best of the professional kitchen and bakery.

Sunset cruise 15:30 - 18:00

The Mystic sampans will also take passengers at 15:30 for a sunset cruise.
Take a snack and a drink while cruising about the river through the photographer's golden hour. A stop in a shaded arroyo for a stroll gives you a unique opportunity to come near the rural life of the Cần Thơ area.
The cruise will take you up the Cần Thơ river and into arroyos, or on another route of your choice. The preferred destinations may be into the floating market as night falls, or along a lively canal in the green.
The open bar includes punch and a selection of home drinks, and of course juices. Cocktails, alcohols and beer are also available at a premium.
Mystic Sapan
Private (Mystic 16)
Private (Mystic 30)
Join-in 1-4 pax
Join-in 5 Pax +
$105 + $ 20.0/pax
$140 + $ 20.0/pax
Lunch or Dinner
$105 + $ 20.0/pax
$140 + $ 20/pax
$80 + $ 15.0/pax
$110 + $ 15.0/pax
$ 35.0/pax
$ 30.0/pax

Breakfast cruise

  • Home-baked bread, croissants, chocolate bread;
  • Butter, jam and honey;
  • French-style crèpes;
  • Fruit, yoghurt;
  • Ham, cheese, hot-dog sausages, croque-monsieurs, grilled tomatoes;
  • Salad: tomatoes, cucumber, salad;
  • Vietnamese: Bánh cuốn, bánh bao1;
  • Hot tea, coffee, cocoa;
  • Fruit juices.

Sunset cruise

  • Snacks: vegetarian or shrimp spring rolls, green bananas with shrimp, assorted snacks on bread, vegetable snacks;
  • Rhum punch;
  • Fruit juices.

Also available on board (at a premium):

  • Cocktails, alcohols, beer

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